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"67 Meter ("67 meter")" 2011

Jürgen Amthor

Media art performance

26th May 2011 from 8pm to 11.30pm

Latex balloon, diameter of about 0.8m, 868l helium, 67m kite’s string


A height of 67 meters, 53° 4'42.58"N latitude and 8°49'3.43"E longitude describes the exact geographical location of the church spire of the former Rembertikirche. Before its complete destruction during World War 2, the church was located between Fedelhören and Rembertistraße. The art project “67 Meter” reminds of this historic cityscape’s landmark. With the help of a helium-filled balloon and a brightly shining LED, the geographical position of the former church spire was visualized for one evening.

The artwork "67 Meter" is part of the multiyear project “Remberti”.

Jürgen Amthor worked in cooperation with Mathias Brettner.