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"A rose for Graceland is a rose for Elvis" 2000

Ursula Barwitzki

Rose sculpture, polyester flower inside of an acrylic glass pyramid, range about 2,5 m,

The rose flower, by artist Ursula Barwitzki is a homage to Elvis Presley, whose favourite colour was a rose. On his trip to Europe, Elvis Presley visited the town of Bremerhaven first, which is part of the country of Bremen. The polyester flower reminds of the of Pop-Art and flower-power in the sixties and of the European symbol of love. Protected inside of an acrylic glass pyramid, the rose was positioned in front of the railway main station in Bremen. Next to the sculpture, there were two poems written on paper, by Rudolf-Alexander Schröder and Heinrich Heine.  

Nowadays, the artist possesses the art work.