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"Agamemnon" 2009

Waldemar Otto

Bronze, life-size

The Bremen sculptor Waldemar Otto was awarded the contract of BLG Logistic Group to execute a monument in honour of the Bremen entrepreneur Egon H. Harms (1928-2006). The life-sized bronze sculpture is located on the grounds of the BLG Logistic headquarter. At the end of the 1950’s  Egon H. Harms set up a logistics company that became one of the biggest internationally active car shipping companies in Germany. Since 2002 the BLG Logistic Group holds a share in Harms Group and took over the entrepreneurial leadership. By now the BLG holds a 94% share in the company. Egon H. Harms was not only a successful businessman, but distinguished himself in social commitment. In 1990 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit. The title of the artwork refers to the king of Mycenae and conqueror of Troy. Just like Agamemnon Egon H. Harms was a brave entrepreneur, who was always persistent in reaching his goals.


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