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"ART BOX der Bremer Landesbank" 30.08.-02.10.2011

Stefan Panhans

"Sorry", 2011, Video

The „ART BOX“, launched by regional bank Bremen, offers a public-oriented platform to young artists. Since 2008, media art is projected onto a wall of 3 x 3 meters size in “Katharinenpassage” Bremen.

The video “Sorry” shows a strangely oppressive, overcrowded train ride: restless - and tired looking, semiprofessional VIP-lookalikes, soldiers from different decades, SWAT members in full panoply, a ghost in dirndl costume from the 1930s, a zombie in a jogging suit, goths.

All the characters are weighed down by a whole lot of coffee to go cups in XXL and curious luggage, which reminds of store looting or an escape situation. On their ride to nowhere, they silently perform ritual-like acts. The only spoken word is a short “sorry” for accidentally bumping into somebody else.

Through the visual strategies used by artist Stefan Panhans the viewer becomes a voyeur, who realizes the absurdity of exhibitionistic self-dramatization.