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"Baptisia" 2006

Brigitte Raabe / Michael Stephan

Wild indigo, bed layouts, metallic plates

For several years the artist couple Brigitte Raabe and Michael Stephan work together on scientifical projects. They use the effectiveness of plants and homoeopathy as scientifical knowledge to create new artistical and poetical means and statements. They connect medical and homoeopathic proceedings with artistic skills. Within the park area of the hospital “Bremen-Ost” they planted wild indigo on several places, making those spots seem more powerful. The artists chose wild indigo because it fitted the best in a park of a psychiatry, as medical scientists use it in coherency with the symptom of disease of disintegration, which means, that people suffer under lacking solidarity and closeness. Furthermore they set up several artistically designed information boards, which refer to the effect of wild indigo on people and their minds.

The artists Brigitte Raabe and Michael Stephan started their work in a workshop in 2005. Together with friends, artists, hospital patients and local residents, Brigitte Raabe and Michael Stephan analyzed the park around the hospital. Later they developed their artwork of plantation and signage of the hospital park.

Curator: Susanne Hinrichs 







Baptisia - Zukunftswerk -

Herausgeber: Galerie im Park Bremen
Author: Raabe/Stephan
Jahr: 2006


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