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"Das Erhabene in mir grüßt das Erhabene in Dir („With regards from the exalted in me to the exalted in you“)" 1999

Frank Riepe

Text, movie, semi-transparent, 3 part, punched out writing, each 0,94 m x 0,2 m

Sticked all over several glass doors the sentence „With regards from the exalted in me to the exalted in you“, in German, the text work at the same time is a greeting phrase and a mantra. 

It reminds the viewer of a regardful and friendly behaviour to one’s counterpart. Furthermore it also reminds that besides the formal welcome, there is always a personal level.


The artwork was developed in the course of the project “Artistical Interior Design”.

16 artists redesigned the police department building in Bremen on a sustained basis.


Participants: Jobst von Berg, Nicholas Bodde, Remiguisz Borda, Ulrike Böhmelmann, Kirsten Brünjes, Herwig Gillerke, Maike Hartwig, Gabriele Konsor, Andree Korpys / Markus Löffler, Ralph Kull, Christian Meyer, Ahmad Motiee, Joachim Pohlenk, Frank Riepe, Barbara Wagner


Bremer Polizei Kunst

Herausgeber: Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, Bremen 2000
Jahr: 2000


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