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"Denkmal für Heinrich Heine (Heinebank)" 1904

Hans Lassen

Memorial for Heinreich Heine (Heine-bench)

Bronze, wrought iron

Sponsor: Literary society

Sponsor for the new cast: Menge-Plump


The Heinrich-Heine-bench made from wrought iron with three bronze plaques was erected in 1904. The portrait medallion of Heinrich Heine is located in the middle, the left and right sides are occupied by the verses of a poem:


I had once a beautiful fatherland.
The oak tree
Grew so high there, violets nodded softly.
It was a dream. /

It kissed me in German and spoke in German
(You would hardly believe
How good it sounded) the words: "I love you!"
It was a dream.


During World War I, the bench was damaged extensively, moreover, the portrait plaque was stolen. In 1924, the plaque was recast and the bench was restored and relocated to the Eichenhain.

Inscription on a plaque on the old bench affixed in 1924:

“The Heinrich-Heine-bench, erected in 1904 by the literary society, restored by consul Menge-Plump after damage at the hands of boys.”


In World War II, the bench was destroyed, however the plaques with portrait and inscriptions were brought to safety in time.

The bench was reconstructed with the original plaques and re-erected at its original location in 1989.


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