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"Denkmal für Helmuth von Moltke" 1909

Hermann Hahn

Memorial for Helmuth von Moltke, Limestone

Sponsor: Bernhard Loose

The equestrian statue in honor of the Preussian field marshal Helmuth von Moltke (1800-1891) was inaugurated on the 4th November 1909 at the west wall of the north tower of the Church of Our Lady. The memorial was erected as a high relief on a flat base.


Inscription on the base:

Erected in honor of Helmuth v. Moltke by a citizen of Bremen MDCCCCIX

Inscription on the backwards wall above the statue:

He who armed and prepared you/

Remember, you who draw him close/

Peace rests on the sword/

The deed grows in silence

(Verse by Rudolf Alexander Schröder)


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