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"Denkmal für Johann Gottfried Seume" 1864

Victor von Meyenburg

Memorial for Johann Gottfried Seume

Bronze, sandstone

Design of the new stele: August Traupe

Sponsor: Hermann Allmers (portrait image) and the artists’ society of Bremen (frame and inscription)


The memorial for the author Johann Gottfried Seume was inaugurated on the 12th June 1864. The portrait medallion made from bronze (frame made from light grey granite) was originally affixed to the workers’ house on Auf Der Herrlichkeit. After the destruction of war, a new cast from bronze of the plaque was created based on a model of the original. The work was placed on a stone stele as a self-contained memorial on the 23rd July 1963.


1st Inscription: Johann Gottfried Seume was saved from his prosecutors by citizens of Bremen in 1783

2nd Inscription: Johann Gottfried Seume 1763-1810 (front face);

In 1783 the poet was saved on his flight by citizens of Bremen (rear face).


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