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"Denkmal für Kaiser Friedrich III" 1905

Louis Tuaillon

Bronze, Guß: Noack, Berlin Stifter: Franz Ernst Schütte


Cast: Noack, Berlin

Sponsor: Franz Ernst Schütte


Located in the vicinity of the Bürgerpark, on a square at the intersection of Hermann-Böse-Straße, Parkstraße and Slevogtstraße, this monumental equestrian statue of emperor Frederick was inaugurated on the 22nd March 1905. Emperor Frederick was held in high esteem especially in Bremen, since the liberal merchant middle classes pinned great hopes on the “emperor of 99 days”, who died early in 1888.



In memory of the emperor Frederick III.

Signature: L. Tuaillon made by Cast H. Noack Berlin, 1905


A construction company founded by the sponsor Franz Schütte had been building on the grounds of what is the district of Bürgerweide-Barkhof today. Schütte wanted to embellish the cityscape with a work of art. This equestrian statue is one of the most important memorial sculptures from that time.


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