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"Denkmal für Kaiser Wilhelm I" 1893

Robert Bärwald

Memorial for Emperor Wilhelm I.

Bronze, granite

Cast: Gladenbeck, Berlin

Sponsor: Citizens of Bremen

No longer in existence


The memorial for Emperor Wilhelm I was inaugurated on Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz (Emperor-Wilhelm-square, today the churchyard of the Church of our Lady) no. 8, in front of the western side of the town hall, on the 18th October 1893. The equestrian statue was deconstructed in May 1942 and donated in the course of the German metal donation programme on the 6th June 1942. The base was removed after the war.


The equestrian statue was made from bronze, situated on a base of granite. All figurative ornaments on the base were made from bronze as well: At the front, an eagle with the empire’s insignia, on the left Brema with a crest bearing shield, on the right Neptune, at the back a wreath and palm tree leaves.