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"Denkmal für Ludwig Franzius" 1908

Fritz Schumacher

Memorial for Ludwig Franzius

Bronze, stone, shell limestone, herms and stone sculptures: Georg Roemer

Sponsor: Citizens of Bremen


The memorial for Ludwig Franzius was inaugurated on Wachtstraße, next to the rise to the great Weser Bridge on the 15th October 1908. The portrait herm made from bronze was located in an ornate round recess decorated with putti. A monumental flight of stairs led up to the river Weser on its backside. The entire architectural structure was made from light colored shell limestone. The herm was deconstructed on the 6th June 1942 for the German metal donation programme. The architectural structure was finally demolished in July 1959.







Ludwig Franzius made the way to the city for the flood.




In 1962, a new cast of the bust was erected on a tall stone stele at the Franziuseck (“Franzius’ corner”).




Inscription on the new memorial:


Ludwig Franzius 1832 – 1903. He opened the way for global shipping to the city of Bremen.





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