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"Denkmal für St. Ansgar" 1865

Carl Steinhäuser

Memorial for Saint Ansgar

Marble, sandstone

Sponsor: The artists’ society

No longer in existence


The memorial for Saint Ansgar was inaugurated on the 3rd February 1865. The marble ensemble was placed on a base made from sandstone from Oberkirchen. Saint Ansgar, holding a bishop’s staff in his left hand, takes off the yoke of a naked boy with his right hand.



Sanctus Ansgarius. Pugil fortis in acie gentes Deo sanctificans in viam coelicam duxit. Ex hymno antiquo.


(Latin: “Saint Ansgar. The strong fighter that leads the heathens to god in battle has brought them onto the path to heaven. From an old hymn.”)


The memorial was destroyed by the collapse of the Ansgari church tower on the 1st September 1944.