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"Denkmal Paula Modersohn-Becker" 2007

Clara Westhoff

Bronze, stone plinth

On november 20th in 2007, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Paula Modersohn-Becker’s death, the city of Bremen erected a monument for its biggest artist. It’s a bronze cast of the bust, which was created by sculptor and friend Clara Westhoff in 1899 and is on display in the “Worpsweder Raum” of the “Kunsthalle Bremen”.

The sculptor HAWOLI from Bremen built the simple stone plinth, on which the bust is now standing.

With the „Paula Modersohn Becker Museum“, the first museum worldwide, which was named after the artist, with the „Paula Modersohn Becker Steg“, a bridge behind “Gerhard Marcks Haus” and finally with the bust, Paula Modersohn Becker got a public attention worthy for her work.


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