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"Der Tröpfler „Il gocciolatoio“ („The dropler „Il gocciolatoio“)" 2004

Daniel Spoerri

Fountain, bronze, 3,5 m x 2,1 m; water wells, granite, barberry plants

From the center of the plate-like fountain, four vertical rectangular bars tower out of the water, forming a rectangle. The artist Daniel Spoerri installed several mincing machines on those rectangular bars. In some places one can see human hands and foots rolling through the grinders.

The basin consists of three seperately casted bronze parts, which were pieced together to a matching whole.

Beneath the fountain a pump is situated, which transports the water through the rectangular bars and mincing machines in the basin.

Despite the horrible connection of mincing machines and human extremities, the fountain shows a filigree structure.


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