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"Die unsichtbaren Worte / The invisible words" 2011

Kyungwoo Chun

Supply tubes, adhesive tape

Basis of the artwork by Korean artist Kyungwoo Chun, is the public power supply for water, current and gas in Bremen.

2700 staff members of the swb AG, Bremen are invited to write down words and phrases that bring warmth and strength to them and other people. With the help of adhesive tape, those aphorisms and epigrams are then attached to several pipes and cables being laid all over the city since September 2011.  (that will be installed all over the city as of September 2011)

Locations and name of the participants are recorded on the website of the project:

The power- and water supply lines are lifelines of a city. They form a complex network that unites the different households. Generally the pipes and cables are not visible for the city’s inhabitants. Only in case of a supply disruption they are perceived negatively.

Kyungwoo Chun's intention is to raise the public's awareness of the invisible network of pipes and cables. He gives participants as well as the interested public the possibility to think over the importance of energy in their lifes regardless of their everyday work.

Apart from the material connection between households, the artproject “The invisible words” also create a spiritual connection between people. Together several participants form an artwork that spread everywhere in the city. Just as the supply lines, the “invisible words” are not visible, but take effect in the thoughts and conversations of the people. And maybe one day, the words will be found and redefined.

Curator of the project: Ingo Clauß