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"Do All Oceans Have Walls?" 17.05. 1998 - 26.07.1998

Aernout Mik

"3 Lachende und 4 Weinende" (Three laughing and four crying), Video projection in a glass container, Location: dyke of the Weser river

Does he laugh or does he cry? This question is asked by the viewer, when he tries to divide the seven protagonists in the video into three laughing and four crying people. The video production is located inside a twelve meters long container, in which a self-built coffee bar asks to stay. The video production is part of an artwork, which puts film, sculpture (coffee bar), architecture (container) and landscape (waterside promenade of the Weser river) in relation to each other.

20 local and international artists participated in the exhibition project „Do all Oceans Have Walls“ launched by GAK (association of modern art)

Along the Weser river, they produced art works, which are typical for the urban situation in Bremen and therewith created some kind of urban redefinition. Focus of interest was the direct face-off with the public to encourage new experiences with the environment.

Participants: Dennis Adams, Biefer / Zgraggen, Olafur Eliasson, Annika Eriksson, Malachi Farrell, Peter Friedl, Lucy Gunning, Fabrice Gygi, Alfredo Jaar, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Ange Leccia, Claude Lévêque, Ann Lislegaard, Aernout Mik, Marylène Negro, Hinrich Sachs, Eran Schaerf und Eva Meyer, Ross Sinclair, Bob & Roberta Smith, Stephen Willats

Curators of the project: Horst Griese, Eva Schmidt 


Do All Oceans Have Walls?

Herausgeber: Griese, Horst; Schmidt, Eva
Text: Eine Ausstellung in 21 Projekten. 17.Mai - 26.Juli 1998 in Bremen
Jahr: 1998
ISBN: 3-926865-18-0