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"FleetFlicken - Unterm Pflaster liegt das Land" 2008

Gertrud Schleising

Mosaicked clinker, 17-piece, different sizes

17 locations
Way to primary school “am Borgfelder Saatland”:
1. Bench in front of the school, right
2. Bench in front of the school, left
3. In front of Kindergarten
4. In front of playground / Kindergarten
5. In front of the gym
6. School-Pad
Daniel Jacobs Allee:
7. Fritz-Geerken-Weg
8. In front of the youth club
9. In front of the Car Sharing place
Borgfelder Allee:
10. Daniel-Jacobs-Allee / Borgfelder Allee
11. Borgfelder Allee / into town right
12. Borgfelder Allee / Borgfelder Heerstraße
13. Borgfelder Allee / in direction Lilienthal right
Borgfelder Heerstraße:
14. Borgfelder Heerstraße / in direction Borgfeld right
15. Borgfelder Heerstraße / Suhrsweg
16. Borgfelder Heerstraße / Krögersweg
17. Borgfelder Heerstraße / in front of a line of shops

17 „FleetFlicken“ on the trail in front of the school “am Borgfelder Saatland” refer to the parallel boundary ditches, with which, according to the measurement plan from 1830, the “Auenland” was fielded.

The boundary ditches are 39° east-facing and dewatered the land. They were cultivated by citizens of “Borgfeld”.

The brown clinkers picture the old measurement linkes. The yellow and green clinkers remind the viewer of water.


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