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"Freiheits-kämpfer" 1984

Fritz Cremer

“Freedom Fighter”

Bronze, life-sized

Memorial plaque


The bronze figure commemorates the dissidents and victims of the national socialist regime, especially the resistance group of Schulze, Boysen and Harnack, whose members were executed in 1942. The sculptor Fritz Cremer created the sculpture in 1947. He dedicated it to his executed friends and to the fighters with an inscription on the base:


“I dedicate this figure to my friends of the Schulze-Boysen-Harnack group who were executed, as well as to Walter Husemann, Elisabeth und Kurt Schumacher, Erika von Brockdorff and Willy Schürmann.“


In 1983, Fritz Cremer was awarded the sculpture prize of Bremen. He gave Bremen a replica of his work as a gift. The “Freedom Fighter” with the inscription on the base and a floor plate is located directly beside the Wilhem-Wagenfeld house, which was a torture prison during the Third Reich and is now a design centre.


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