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"Gebetene Gäste" 21.10.2009 - 22.11.2009

Tilman Rothermel

sculpture, panels, photography

The artwork was made by five artists from Bremen, all of whom have a foreign background. Each artist picked a counterpart with a similar background.  

With their different artworks, they gave artistic form to the corridors of the house of “Senator für Kultur Bremen”, the “Weserhaus” and the club lounges of “Jacobs University”.  The project was part of the festival of literature „Globaleº - Festival für grenzüberschreitende Literatur 2009". That way Bremen emphasizes that a variety of cultures are an important part of the identity of the city and of the community.

Participants: Aurelie Ferdane + Marguerite Belot, Gosia Heijnat + Amir Omerovic, Gloria del Mazo + Antonio Velasco Muñoz, Maryam Motallobzadeh + Reynaldo Ari K’akachi, Agnieszka Veto + Tomito

Curator: Tilman Rothermel