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"Gedenktafel für die Häftlinge des KZ Mißler" 1983

Fritz Stein

Memorial plate for the prisoners of the concentration camp Mißler

Memorial plate, copper


The memorial plate on the building of a residential care home in Bremen – Findorff commemorates a concentration camp that was built here in the former emigrants’ buildings in 1933. This first concentration camp in Bremen had to be dismantled because of strong opposition of the public in Bremen. The prisoners were taken to surrounding camps, such as the Norddeutscher Lloyd barge in the water mouth of the Ochtum and in Fort Langelütjen II close to Bremerhaven. The memorial plate, which is affixed directly beside the former entrance to the concentration camp, shows the image of tortured faces and bears the following quote by Kurt Tucholsky:


“Nothing is more difficult and requires more character than to be in clear opposition to one’s time and loudly say NO!”


A floor plate in front of the memorial plate bears information about the concentration camp Mißler.


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