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"Gesichter aus dem Haus im Viertel (Can be roughly translated with: Faces from the house in the neighbourhood)" 2011

Folker Winkelmann

Eight photographies on Eco-Srim (tarpaulin-like material, weather- and light-resistant), 1.48 m x 0.91m each

The „Haus im Viertel“ (house in the neighbourhood) is residence and job location of the Bremer Heimstiftung (Home and Residence Foundation), the Maria-Montessori-Kindergarten and the restaurant “Altes Fundamt”. In the first place the building housed the fire station which remise was later used by the lost property office. The only thing left of the fire station is the hose tower where the firemen hung the fire hoses.

The photographer Folker Winkelmann reuses the eight bricked-up windows of the hose tower as picture frames for his portraits of young and elderly inhabitants of the building complex.

That way the artist refers to people of different ages and with different lifestyles being in each other’s presence.



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