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"gesICHter - Ein Beitrag zur Ästhetik der Identität" 2008

Michael Weisser

Photography, 850-piece, 5 m x 5 m

Between 2006 and 2007 about 1000 people took part in the artwork “Gesichter der Stadt” (“Faces of the city”)

The artist, Michael Weisser, took a picture of every participant. Each of them were asked about their penchants, their wishes, their strengths and weaknesses as well as their outlook on life. In the course of the conversation many offhanded, but also staged photographies came into existence. The artist chose one per participant.

850 of those portraits are now, combined to a big picture, seen in „Stadtbibilothek Bremen“.

The portraits have the same background, the same illumination without emphasis on light or shadow. The different people are looking directly in the camera.

By using this methods of unification, the artist creates an impression of similarity, despite social, cultural, religious and physiognomic variety. An interplay between abstract and specific, variety and unity, group and individual.


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