"Herolde" 1901

Rudolf Maison


Sheet copper, 3.20m x 2.10m x 0.90m

Copper chasing work: G. Knodt, Frankfurt

Sponsor: John Harjes


These two knights on their horses were erected in front of the eastern portal of the old town hall on the 13th September 1901. Before that, they had been standing on the world exhibition in Paris (1900). Their coming to Bremen was due to the wealthy banker H.J. Harjes, who bought the statues and gifted them to the city of Bremen.


The heralds made from sheet copper remained untouched during World War II and were relocated to the park of the Egestorff foundation in 1959.


In the course of the art initiative “Verrückungen” (“Displacements”), the heralds temporarily returned to their original location at the town hall in 2003. After necessary restorations, the refurbished heralds returned for good on the 7th February 2007. In order to present the equestrian statues properly, the stairs at the town hall’s eastern portal were altered and a new base predicated on the historical prototype was constructed.


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