"Kriegerdenkmal 1870/71" 1873


Obernkirchener Sandstein Künstler: unbekannt Ausführung: Steinhauermeister Schmalhausen, Bremen Auftraggeber: Bremer Senat nicht mehr vorhanden

War memorial 1870/71

Sandstone from Oberkirchen

Unknown artist

Construction: Master quarryman Schmalhausen, Bremen

Commissioned by the Senate of Bremen

No longer in existence


The obelisk on a low base made from sandstone from Oberkirchen was inaugurated on the former Herdentor cemetery on the 10th May 1873.


Inscription on the front face:

In memory of those German soldiers who succumbed to their injuries or illnesses in hospitals in Bremen, 1870.


The other three faces bear the names, regiment numbers and hometowns of the 44 soldiers who died.


The war memorial was removed in ca. 1966/67