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"Kriegerdenkmal 1870/71" 1875

Carl Keil

War memorial 1870/71

Bronze, granite, stone

Cast: Gladenbeck, Berlin

Commissioned by the Senate of Bremen

No longer in existence


The war memorial  1870/71 was inaugurated on the 5th December 1875 in the Wallanlagen (the former city wall moat). The bronze sculpture of a soldier with a flag and drawn sabre was commissioned by the Senate of Bremen. At his feet lay French war trophies. The cylindrical granite base with a relief frieze made of bronze surrounding was decorated with images of the battle of Sedan. The multi-layered foundation was made from stone.



“In memory of the citizens of Bremen fallen in the war against France”

Furthermore the names of 58 soldiers who fell in battle or died of their wounds and of one nurse.


The war memorial was deconstructed on the 6th June 1942 in the course of the German metal donation programme.