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"Lichtklänge ("lightsounds")" 2005

Christina Kubisch

Sound installation, lighting system, 10 solar cells, electronic equipment, 10 black loudspeakers

Christina Kubisch specifically developed her sound installation for the entrance hall of the building “Contrescarpe 22-24” in Bremen.

Her artwork consists of ten solar cells, an electronic control system and ten black loudspeakers. The technical constituent parts were inserted into the overall picture of the building. So they do not seem as foreign material but appear as a part of the whole.

Electric power brought by sunlight has an effect on acoustic events: According to weather conditions and the time of the day, the light intensity, which controls the electronic signal transmitter, changes. In case of sunlight one can hear bright, intense and loud sounds, which remind of birds. In case of sunrise, sunset or a cloudy sky, one can hear rather quiet, chirping and irregular noises.

The Sounds follow the nature’s rhythm of time. The sequence of tones is unpredictable and never stays the same. Every cloud that passes by causes a melody change. Light becomes acoustically experienced. Technology and nature become interactive partners. Real and fake birdcalls combine. The borders between original and reproduction, between reality and fiction are redefined.


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