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"Linnaeus-Obelisk" 1900

Kurt Lettow


At the beginning of the 19th century, Jacob Friedrich Schultz erected an obelisk in memory of the botanists Haller, Linné, Jaquin and Roth in the public park Höpkensruh. Sitting on a square base, the obelisk is decorated with four inscription plates. The four oval inscription plates on the lower part of the obelisk were lost in World War II and replaced in 1977 by the sculptor Kurt Lettow.


Inscription on the obelisk:

1.Linne 2. Haller 3. Jaquin 4. Roth


Corresponding inscriptions on the base:

1. Nocte sub alta/Omnis late Natura iacebat/Vixit LINNAEUS/Lux et ubique fuit

2. Est Natura meus/praeceptor et obsequor isti

3. Quas über in patria plantas producit agellus/Nec non indigenas recolunt quas Seres et Indi/Disposuit summa cum laude Nobilis ille

4. Macte animi primus patriae qui ductus amore/Teutoniae indigenas plantas componere gestis.


(1. In deep night the whole nature lay spread widely / there lived Linnaeus / and it was light everywhere

2. Nature is my teacher and I follow her

3. The plants that the fertile ground the fatherland bears and also those that the local Chinese and Indians grow were ordered splendidly by this noble man

4. Praised be your effort, for you were the first one to collect the indigenous plants of Germany out of patriotism only)


Today, the names are not corresponding to the correct inscriptions anymore.


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