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"Look at me, look at you" 2009

Victor Ash

Mural painting, quadrinomial, b/w, about 25m high

The Artist Victor Ash painted, in course of the 32nd German protestant church congress, all four sides of 25 metres high bunker, each with a lager than life figure. With this piece of art he reinterprets the church congress slogan “Mensch, wo bist du?” (“Where are you, human?”).

The artwork by Victor Ash moves between mural painting and graffiti. The artist combines old painting techniques with new street-art methods. As enlarging so-called stencils to mammoth mural paintings, he produces artwork which moves between photography and graffiti and remind the viewer of movie scenes. His pieces of art are eye-catchers and sensual state descriptions of social reality.

The painting of the bunker was part of the project “Sign-Seeing”, where visitors of 32nd German protestant church congress guided by experienced street-art artists artistically coped with the impressions made during church congress.

Also the art exhibition “Urban Art-Werke aus der Sammlung Reinking”, in museum Weserburg was social programme of the Project.


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