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"move it!! mach mit!!" 20.10.2007


Performances at eight locations in „Bremen-Mitte“:

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus - Altes Polizeigebäude - Domsheide - Böttcherstraße - Martinitunnel – Information desk at „Martinianleger“ - Schlachte/Teerhof - Teerhofspitze 

At nightfall the artists and many other people walked to eight deliberately chosen locations in the inner city of Bremen.

With film -, light – and sound installations the artists reinterpreted and transformed the original functions and importance of the spots of urban life. At every location the artists handed out postcards, which informed the participants and viewers about the particular location. Furthermore the artists put up a memorial tablet about the history of the place, which reminds pedestrians of the performance. 

With this art project, “Move it!!”  questioned the role of architecture at social engineering, the production of lifestyle and identity. The artists critically broached the issue of image campaigns and the staging of public space, which endangers the urban space to become a mono-functional panoramic postcard view for capable consumers.

Participants:  BNC, AAA („Autonomes Architektur Atelier“ in Bremen) and  Alexander Kolb, Alexander Kutsch, Anja Fußbach, Clemens Menke, Daniel Schnier, Franziska Höppe, Kayos, Linda Waitz, Martin Koplin, Oliver Hasemann, SHARE.bremen, Shunka Gilberg, Sönke Busch, Thomas Goldstrasz, Ty Carter, ZOOM