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"untitled" 1999

Nicholas Bodde

three panels, chipboard, colour, each 0,15 m x 1,4 m

The panels by artist Nicholas Bodde were made in tradition of the colour field painting and the Russian constructivism. 

Not predetermined, but designed in a rhythmic way, the panels develop a lightning power, which arises out of the colours, the combination of those colours and the contrasts of those colours. 

The artwork was developed in the course of the project “Artistical Interior Design”.

16 artists redesigned the police department building in Bremen on a sustained basis.

Participants: Jobst von Berg, Nicholas Bodde, Remiguisz Borda, Ulrike Böhmelmann, Kirsten Brünjes, Herwig Gillerke, Maike Hartwig, Gabriele Konsor, Andree Korpys / Markus Löffler, Ralph Kull, Christian Meyer, Ahmad Motiee, Joachim Pohlenk, Frank Riepe, Barbara Wagner 


Bremer Polizei Kunst

Herausgeber: Städtische Galerie im Buntentor, Bremen 2000
Jahr: 2000


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