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"o.T." 28.02. bis 04.04.2010

Künstlergruppe Marnic Circus

Installation, wood, glass, different building materials, all other contents

The external facade of the “Städtische Galerie Bremen” was extended by a four meter high wooden crate, installed 4 meters above the ground. The viewer gains access via rope ladders on the outside of the installation. The crate has two levels, which are furnished with bulky items and leaves the impression of a living room.

The artwork reminds of a tree house, but also refers to provisionary build housings, which are occupied by homeless people or people living in slum areas in the third world.

The artists confront the inhabitants of an areal, which in the last years was developed to an interesting and attractive culture- and residential location, with socio-critical questions.

Marnic Circus is an art project, which consists of four to five artists. The artwork always is a result of a community process.

The production is flexible and does not follow a rigid idea.

The artist group is surrounded and supported by a bunch of self-employed artists, musicians, litterateurs and architects, who use the artworks as a stage for more performances.


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