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"o.T." 2013

Broken Fingaz

Graffiti: 30 m wide, approx. 4 m high, 300 paint spray cans

The artist group "Broken Fingaz" (Jonathan Adler-Trifon, Gon Alon, Daniel Khanin and Jonathan Lewin) was founded in 2001. They were the first street artist in Israel. Their sometimes bizarre large-scale and colorful graffiti and murals decorate numerous clubs and public spaces worldwide from Tel Aviv, London, Paris, Vienna, Beijing, Phnom Penh and Bremen. Her works with comic and pop art quotes are colorful, shrill and mostly provocative, but should not be understood politically.

The graffiti on the banks of the Kleine Weser in the Bremen Neustadt shows a colorful collage in comic style. The artists worked intuitively and spontaneously on site for five days. Shown are sailing ships, hard on the wind. A man in a floral stocking mask looks determined. The god of the sea Poseidon holds a naked mermaid in his hand. A duck flutters away with a cut finger in its beak. The spray splashing in bright colors, the sea is red.

The artists document their art with the camera. The self-made video collages with their own music are available on the internet.

The art project was created as part of the city-partnership cultural exchange Bremen-Haifa in cooperation with the Musikmesse jazzahead 2013.


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