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"Privatgrün-Stadtgrün - Ein KUNSTspaziergang in Bremen-Schwachhausen ("An “art walk” through Bremen-Schwachhausen")" 07.09.1997 - 11.10.1997

Anke Friedhoff


 5 piece, black and white photography, iron frames, each of the dimensions 21 x 29.7 cm


Artist Anke Friedhoff exhibited five black and white photographies in the front yards at 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, Buxtorffstraße. The photos show the kitchens of the house residents. 

For her, a kitchen is a particularly private area of domesticity that is often kept from guests. The publication of the photographs makes the private, the interior, open to the public. In her own way, the artist deals with the project title “Privatgrün –Stadtgrün” (private green space –public green space)


Fifteen artists from Bremen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bonn, Hamburg and the performance group “Umgangsformen“ from Münster participated in the project “Privatgrün-Stadtgrün – An Art-Walk through Bremen-Schwachhausen“. For four weeks the artists exhibited their artworks in private gardens, front yards and little public squares in Bremen-Schwachhausen, a wealthy area of the city.
Bremen art experts preselected the competitors, who then introduced themselves to the residents. In several meetings and in conversation with the residents and the garden owners, the locations and the different artistic concepts were decided. Some artists developed their works on the basis of the genius loci, the topographic circumstances and the spirit of the places. Others referred to European traditions of art and garden design. Preferences for - and aversions against - particular artistic approaches as well as the importance and the freedom of artistic work were publicly discussed. The artworks invited to take a walk around the streets, the squares and gardens of Bremen-Schwachhausen. For a limited period of time, the relationship between the private and the public changed.

Participants: Ursula Barwitzki, Dieter Begemann, Susanne Bollenhagen, Andreas Brenne, Julia Drever, Lili Fischer, Anke Friedhoff, Franz Immoos, Rolf Julius, Maren Koll, Jenny Löbert, Ahmad Motiee, Anna Reckmann, Ren Rong, Martin Voßwinkel

Performance group "Umgangsformen", Art Academy Münster, tutor group: Lili Fischer: Andreas Brenne, Julia Drever, Anke Friedhoff, Barbara Kraft, Frank Laukötter, Anna Reckmann


Title: Privatgrün-Stadtgrün - Ein KUNSTspaziergang in Bremen-Schwachhausen

Year: 1997

Publ.: Senator of the Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Bremen 1998

Info: A project of the department „Art in public space“ in association with the local administration Bremen-Schwachhausen, the expert committee Culture and the Department for Foreigners Affairs