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"question et résponse" 2007

Edeltraut Rath

4 murals; 2 walls, each about 2,90 m x 3,90 m, 2 walls, each about 3,30 m x 6,80 m

The wall areas in the entrance hall of the jurisprudential institute of the University of Bremen are designed on the basis of the main principle “Question and Answer” (question et réponse), which among other things conduce to the establishment of the truth in legal practice. Design elements of the mural work are the terms “law” and “justice” in 44 different languages, according to the international orientation of the faculty, as well as the transfiguration of the pilcrow sign. The pilcrow sign, as a symbol for law and justice, is given artistic form through magnification, colour overlay and displacements of forms. That way the artist creates a dynamic and complex artwork.


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