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"Universität Bremen - Künstlerische Gestaltung Innenräume" 2002

Norbert Bauer

"Thirteen Images", Acrylic on wood, 13-part, different sizes, of limited duration

Bremen artist Norbert Bauer gives artistic form to the hallway of the building of earth sciences (University Bremen, Klagenfurterstraße 2). Unlike the German term for “Image”, “Bild”, the English term moreover refers to imagination, a cliché, to recognition. The series of thirteen small-sized paintings is based on pictures of current political and socio-cultural events, the artist took from randomly chosen magazines and newspapers. Chosen according to compositionally interesting picture elements, Norbert Bauer confines himself to a certain detail of the picture, which first he enlarges, then separates up into mosaic-like colour fields and finally traces it by hand. The brushstrokes are hardly visible to the naked eye.

The artist points out a detail of a whole, but still keeps an apparently impartial distance.

Norbert Bauer paints pictures of pictures. For him it’s not about the artistic idea of reality outside of the picture, but rather the reality depicted in the artwork.