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"Vase" 1856

Carl Steinhäuser


Marble, sandstone

Sponsor: Citizens of Bremen


This decorative vase was inaugurated in the Wallanlagen (the former city wall moat) on the 30th August 1856. It was erected on a yellow sandstone base with a foundation consisting of several steps. The surrounding frieze consisting of a high relief shows scenes from the “Klosterochsenzug” (literally: monastery ox procession), a custom from Bremen. The “Klosterochsenzug” took place annually during the Freimarkt (literally: “Free market”, the largest city fair). Several fat oxen were raffled off to raise money for the monastery of St. John. The last procession was in 1871, the last raffle took place in 1896.


Signature: C. Steinhäuser Bremanus invent. Berolini 1833. Sculps. Romae 1855.


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