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"Wettersäule ("meteorological beacon")" 2012

Jürgen Amthor

Media art performance

7th  June 2012 to 6th  July 2012

0.2m x 0.2m plastic film, transparent

The temporary installation reminds of the historic weather beacon, which was constructed by Bremen architect Friedrich Wilhelm Rauschenberg in 1958 and donated by the Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein zu Bremen (Natural History Society of Bremen) in 1882. The weather beacon was located half way between Rembertistraße and Bischhofstor, now Präsident-Kennedy-Platz.

Rauschenberg used a triangle enclosed by a circle to illustrate the three-sided weather beacon in his draft and determine its location. On a scale of 1:50, this symbol was traced and entered into the QR-code by artist Jürgen Amthor. The resulting pictorgram was affixed to the original location of the historic weather beacon at Präsident-Kennedy-Platz. Passerbys were now able to access information about the historic weather beacon with their smartphones.

The artwork “Wettersäule“ is part of the multiyear project „Remberti“.