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"Wilhadi Brunnen" 1883

Richard Neumann

"Wilhadi fountain"

Bronze, sandstone

Cast: Gladenbeck, Berlin

Engraving: Schmidt and Käfer, Bremen

Sponsor: Heinrich Pietzer

No longer in existence


A bronze sculpture on a fountain pipe made from sandstone (grooved pillar with a triangular base) with figurative decorations made from bronze: Three putti riding dolphin waterspouts, holding a seashell bowl each in which they catch the water. Below the bowls, a crest each is affixed: The Hanse crest, the episcopal crest and the crest of Bremen. The basin is made from sandstone.



Heinr. Pietzer M.D. to his hometown 30th April 1883.


The fountain was inaugurated on the 19th June 1883, the bronze parts were melted down on the 19th May 1942 in the course of the German metal donation programme. The fountain basin was removed on the 26th June 1952 due to traffic related reasons.