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"Zentaurenbrunnen" 1891

Eduard Gildemeister

Bronze, roter Granit, Skulptur: August Sommer, Guß: Nelli, Rom, Mosaikboden des Beckens: Leistner, Dortmund Stifter: Heinrich Gildemeister

"Centaur fountain"

Bronze, red granite

Sculpture: August Sommer

Cast: Nelli, Rome

Mosaic floor of the basin: Leistner, Dortmund

Sponsor: Heinrich Gildemeister


The centaur fountain, created in 1891 by August Sommer and Eduard Gildemeister, was erected in the green space near Leibnizplatz in 1958, due to traffic related reasons. Originally, the fountain – sponsored by a citizen of Bremen – was located in front of their own house, at the intersection of Bismarckstraße and Schwachhauser Heerstraße.


The bronze ensemble depicts a centaur fighting with a snake in a basin made from red granite and a mosaic floor (the images of marine animals are no longer in existence).



Gifted to his hometown by Heinrich A. Gildemeister.

Designed and created by A. Sommer in Rome, 1890.


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